L-TUZIASM City Trippin' Urban Landscapes

A city in which lie hundreds of cities. A new image distilled from a mixture of impressions, adventures, stories, dreams, and fantasies of cities and architecture. They reveal themselves spontaneously on the canvas during the painting.

The fight for space has lasted for centuries. Skyscrapers loom large in the race to see who can build the highest. One building is declared a monument while another lies empty, takes on a new purpose, or is simply demolished. With them come emotions and criticisms that they are a bad match for the environment, politics and business. The city grows, while nature fades and blurs the border with the old landscape. Cultures come together, searching for a good life, freedom, love, and adventure. Manners and public spaces are rediscovered. The city grows into a metropolis in which a new skyline arises with only block-like, geometric, and repeating forms. The city never sleeps and the people are just passers-by who will never know where the city ends.

L-Tuziasm (1981) lives and works in Utrecht, The Netherlands. His work is regularly exhibited in galleries and art spaces.

Studio 'The Office' Vlampijpstraat 50 Utrecht

KvK nr. 55696554